Chapter 84 – The Edinburgh Office

Edinburgh has been home for a month. After my last meeting with James, where I added additional areas to map in Glasgow, I agreed to base here and support him during February.

I sit in my top floor office, which looks out on the Firth of Forth, contemplating our progress. James has successfully established the new office on Queen Street, however we hotly debated budgets and staffing. Increase staff too early and you can lose money quickly, however if you wait too long, then you miss opportunities and wear out your staff.

This stay has provided a new perspective, although being away from my family for a period of time has been very difficult for Emelia and I.

Thursday evening draws to a close and I ask James to the office.

“James, you have built a new office, whilst maintaining momentum in Glasgow. I commend your efforts.”

“I will not lie. This has been my hardest working challenge.”, replied James.

“You have proven to me the need, therefore increase your staff by five.” 

The stress in James’ eyes shatters instantly and I see his shoulders drop.

“Go home and pack a bag. We are travelling to London tomorrow for the weekend and going to a football match.”

“Oh, who is playing?”

“Scotland are playing England – about time we beat them.”

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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