Chapter 83 – Together We Play

Saturday afternoon arrives quickly and we head for Queens Park Recreation Ground. My wife Emilia has our sons, Lewis and Adair, either side of her, whilst I hold my daughter Arabella’s hand and carry the football under my other arm. Swissy, barks and charges between our two groups excitedly.

We meet Alexander Campbell at 3 o’clock, with his wife and three sons.

“A lovely day Alexander. I thought you were bringing the Maleys?”

“Yes but unfortunately their youngest has fallen sick.”

“I hope he recovers quickly. James Hogg is also unable to come, as his work continues into this afternoon.”

Adair stays with Emelia, whilst Arabella, Lewis and I, join Alexander and his three sons. We place old jackets down to mark the goal, which I am selected to guard and have a 3-a-side game. The children’s laughter is infectious, as they chase each other to win the ball. 

“Pass, pass, pass.”, I shout.

The ball is passed to Arabella. The ten year old’s eyes narrow and from six yards out kicks with all her might into the far right of the goal. A cheer erupts from the sideline, as I hoist her into the air.

The afternoon’s entertainment finishes. We head home contented with Arabella proudly carrying the football. No one will dare take it from her.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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