Chapter 60 – Smokers v Non-Smokers

A cloud of smoke rises from the East Side of Queens Park Recreation Ground, where the Smokers, led by Robert Gardiner, exhale their favourite Stephen Mitchell & Son creation. This merchant’s main office resides at 36 St Andrew’s Square, whilst their warehouses line the Clutha, containing holdings shipped from Virginia and Carolina. These commercial relationships are now based on independence and liberty, with Glasgow’s dark past within this industry, consigned to the history books.

Thomas & French’s Head Clerk, John Edgar Grant, previously worked at Mitchells and describes how employees are encouraged to attend night classes. This culture of further education is instilled in our business, where we believe a healthy and educated workforce is key to success.

At the West side of the ground, our legion of Non-Smokers is led by our President, Poet and Press Reporter, Henry Smith, and is further complemented by Charles Campbell, Archibald Rae and James Smith. 

The ferocity of the match is relentless with our backs and half backs holding strong against the forwards, Leckie and Wotherspoon. This performance is only surpassed by our forwards, Weir and M’Kinnon, who produce one fine goal each to secure our 2-0 victory. 

Afterwards, Henry and I head to the Western Club to reflect on this impressive match and discuss poetry, newspapers and his own business, Smith & Wellstood.


———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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