Chapter 61 – Smith & Wellstood

The evening is spent with Mortlach whisky and Henry Smith, Queens Park’s President. Henry, exceptionally articulate and talented, explains the fascinating background to his family business, Smith & Wellstood.

“James Smith, my forefather, set off for America at 16 to make his fortune and returned to ship iron fireplaces and ovens into Scotland. He joined Stephen Wellstood and Ironworks owner, George Ure, to open the new Colombian Stove Works in Bonnybridge. Our Head Office resides in 11 Dixon Street, Glasgow, with further premises in Ludgate Circus, London and Grafton Street, Dublin, with large storage at Port Dundas.”, said, Henry. 

“This is a model template for business. How did you expand into unknown cities and build your reputation there?”, I asked.

“Every item indicates faithful adherence to our first principle, the production of exclusively first-class goods, with every article bearing distinctly the ‘hallmark’ of merit.”, said, Henry.

Henry poetic use of language conveys clearly his company’s vision. For me, I have found the mentor to guide my expansion plans for Thompson & French.

The following day, I spend with my family, forcing my way through the hours, ignoring the head and body aches. In the late afternoon, there is a knock at the door, where I find our club Secretary holding a letter from Airdrie.

“We have a problem.”, said David Wotherspoon.


———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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