Chapter 45 – Football Association AGM

I have been looking forward to this evening: three Queens Park men dining out in the first city of the Empire with a menu of Glasgow, football and family. 

We step out of our carriage into a magnificent square commemorating the Navy’s greatest victory over Napoleon’s fleet, off the coast of Cape Trafalgar. Nelson’s column, guarded by four enormous bronze lions, exudes pride for his strategic vision, leadership and unconventional tactics.

We make our way to Maiden Lane and Rules Restaurant, which was founded in the Napoleonic War period by Thomas Rule. The menu provides an exceptional range of food from boil’d turkey, house lamb, beef olives to pheasant, pickled smelts and stew’d mushrooms. 

Our conversation quickly turns to the Football Association AGM. Robert explains the animated discussion on proposed changes to the Laws of Association Football. Upton FC’s proposal was accepted to allow goalkeepers “to use his hands for the protection of his goal” with handling remaining outlawed for all other players. There was further heated discussion on the off-side rule, which Robert will document for our Committee. 

We settle our bill, compliments paid to the chef and board our carriage. William asks when I’m leaving for Glasgow. My reply is filled with enthusiasm, “I have one last pilgrimage tomorrow, a place for every cartographer to visit; Greenwich.”


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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