Chapter 44 – Post Match Celebration

We leave Kennington Oval with an extra bounce in our step. The might of English football quelled by the best Scots players, based in London. We are positive one day a whole team from Scotland will participate in this great fixture. Our sport is growing, for example I recently learned football clubs were established in Kilmarnock and Stranraer.

In the carriage, Robert, George and I, savour every detail. Everyone at home will be fascinated with my first hand account of this epic encounter. More importantly, 500 people paid to watch this game; I am sure our Treasurer, Andrew Spiers, will be very interested in that. However this was put into sharp contrast by one of the groundsmen. He regaled his story from 3 years prior, where 20,000 watched a cricket match between England and a touring team of Aboriginal Australians. We all agree with the forward thinking Alcock in the South and Queens Park in the North, this vast gulf will soon close.

Tonight we celebrate our reunion at the Rules Restaurant in Covent Garden. William Klinger, the first Secretary of Queens Park and now resident in London, will be joining us. A football feast awaits, as both Robert and William attended the Football Association AGM yesterday, on behalf of Queens Park, and will be the central subject of debate.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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