Chapter 231 – QPFC v Airdrie

Two days later, I look out of my office window and wince at the storm battering the windows. The Scottish summer will make tonight’s match against Airdrie a damp affair.

Anne walked into my office, “Have you come up with a plan yet?” she asked.

“I’m speaking to David Wotherspoon tonight to draft a letter for the newly appointed Vale of Leven Committee.”, I said.

“And my role?”

“Personally delivered letters are always well-received.”, I said, winking at Anne.

Anne shakes her head in mock disbelief and departs. I quickly follow her, walk to Union Street Tram Station and catch a tram to Eglinton Toll.

South Side Park has considerably softened in the rain, and I meet the rest of the soaked team, led by our Captain, Robert Gardner.

“This ten-a-side match is the first of our season, and we need a winning start.”, said Robert. “Our formation: Gardner, goalkeeper; Wotherspoon and Taylor, backs; Thomson and Mackenzie, half-backs; Leckie, Weir, Ker, McKinnon and Rae, forwards.”

“What is Airdrie’s formation?” asks James

“I have absolutely no idea, and they don’t either.”, said Robert.

We all burst out laughing.

I watch on, engrossed in six fine Queen’s Park goals to no return by Airdrie within the allocated hour. I walk over to congratulate David Wotherspoon.

“David, we have a letter to write.”

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