Chapter 54 – New Town Royalty

We stand in George Street. Flanked by Princes Street and Queen Street; marking the original New Town.

James explains, “Edinburgh held a competition to design the New Town, which was won by James Craig. Three streets with St Andrew’s Square and St George’s Square at either end. The latter’s name was changed in 1785 and now commemorates Queen Charlotte.”

“Very interesting indeed,” I said, “did you know James Craig was 21 years old?”

We laugh in admiration and reflect on our youthful endeavours building Thompson & French. We walk to 45 George Street, which proclaims Carey & Fortis; established 1851. This building exudes extravagance and splendour.

“Image is everything to these people,” James explains, “to compete we require an outstanding property.”

I smile wryly, “Come with me and I will explain my plan.” I said.

We head to 26 – 27 Queen Street.

“Will this do?”, I ask.

I turn the lock in the solid oak door and walk into the empty interior.

“This will be your greatest challenge, James, to build our Edinburgh Office.”, I said.

His eyes fill with pride.

We have one last stop and walk up the 287 steps of the Scott Monument. We look over the city and watch the sun set behind the Castle.

Tomorrow I head to Raeburn Place, where a very exciting sporting prospect awaits.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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