Chapter 39 – New Year Dawns

I rise early. Clouds of breath skirt across the room. Hat, scarf and gloves, combined with my thickest winter jacket, are essential today. Emelia, Lewis and Adair stand waiting. I ask Emelia “where is Arabella?” She replies “She has a temperature and cough. I will stay and look after her.” My eldest is unwell again. A shiver rolls down my spine.

The Gentleman and two young masters of the house venture out to Queens Park. Sport is thriving here. The Glasgow Golf Club stands proudly on its west side. Further along resides our namesake Queens Park Bowling Club, opened with much celebration on 13 June 1867. Only 3 weeks separate our club’s births. We march to the hallowed recreation ground and I recite the founding story of Queens Park to my sons. We revel in this history lesson.

We venture up the hill to where Mary Queen of Scots once stood. This is Glasgow’s greatest panoramic view. The Campsies and Ben Lomond provides a magnificent backdrop with the Clutha snaking through the city; splitting north from south. The Southside is dominated by Dixon’s Blazes and the Govan Colliery. A cityscape to behold.

This annual event breathes new enthusiasm into my life. The boys play in the snow with other children. Their laughter and happiness are the perfect start to 1871.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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