Scotch Professor Network

This network has a straightforward mission. Build a global team of like-minded individuals, who understand how Scotland created the modern passing game of football and exported it to the world. Everywhere the Scots went, they took their beloved game and encouraged the local communities to learn it. These icons of the 19th and 20th century were known as the Scotch Professors, founding football leagues, cup competitions, rulebooks and were at the heart of international football.

As the Tartan Army song explains, “Everywhere we go, people want to know, where we come from?”

The simple answer is the Scotch Professors were everywhere. A global network of Scots founded the game we know today in countries including the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Continental Europe and of course, England. However, through time, their contribution to the world of football has been written out of the history books. Our mission is to put that right.

One website cannot serve as the sole repository of the information required to correct history and communicate it to the world. Instead, this will act as a global map of key people, who have a similar mindset and promote the Scotch Professors through their written academic research, poetry, art, school studies and film-making.

The term Scotch Professor must enter back into common footballing language, and we need a team of people across the world telling this story.

Are you interested in joining us? Do you have a track record of promoting Scotland as the founders of world football in your work? This is the qualification required to join these national teams below.

Alternatively you may only be fascinated by the Scotch Professor story. Please have a look at this group of people and follow their social media feeds helping spread the history of the #ScotchProfessors.


Graeme brown

Graeme Brown is the co-founder of the Hampden Collection. In 2017, he discovered the only map of the World’s First Purposefully Built International Football Ground, the 1st Hampden Park, which is the most important football ground in the world. Graeme’s mission is to #Restore1stHampden and is currently writing his first book ‘Football Queens & Kings’.

Contact via Twitter: @hampdeners


Ged O’Brien is the founder of the Scottish Football Museum, based at the Third Hampden Park. He is the author of ‘Played in Glasgow’, celebrating the sports architecture of his home city. He is the re-discoverer of Andrew Watson: the world’s first black internationalist. Ged is currently writing ‘The Scottish Game: How Scotland Invented Modern World Football’.

Contact via Twitter: @gedboy58

Gordon mcphee

Fortunately retired Glaswegian living in the Highlands. Master tactician and co-manager of Scotland 1870s-1880s Team, who finished 3rd in the The Football History Boys, Greatest International Team of all Time Competition.

Former Head of Human Resources, worked in Public, Private and Third Sectors. Member and season ticket holder of Queen’s Park FC and a follower of Ross County FC (and Highland, Allan Glens and Glasgow Warriors rugby clubs).

Contact via Twitter: @GrumpyWeegie

Ryan Stewart

Ryan Stewart has an interest in Scottish football stadiums, particularly defunct and abandoned stadiums. Currently researching the stadiums and sites that made up the founding and first teams to enter the Scottish leagues from the 1800-1900s. A proud Falkirk born Bairn and on a mission to research his Great Grandad’s 194 goals for Deveronvale.

Contact via Twitter: @RyanFootball93

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Dr. David Kilpatrick is Professor of English Literature and Sport Management and Director of the Sport Management Program at Mercy College, New York. David is the Club Historian of the New York Cosmos and is currently researching the aesthetics of soccer, coaching education, and the history of soccer in New York.

Contact via Twitter: @DrDKilpatrick


Tom McCabe is an adjunct professor in the History Department at Rutgers University-Newark. Currently, President of the Society of American Soccer History and recently co-wrote and co-produced the documentary SOCCERTOWN, USA. His current research revolves around the American Football Association, the oldest FA outside Britain.

Contact via Twitter: @TomMcCabe5

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