Graeme brown

Graeme Brown is the co-founder of the Hampden Collection. In 2017, he discovered the only map of the World’s First Purposefully Built International Football Ground, the 1st Hampden Park, which is the most important football site in the world.

Graeme’s mission is to #Restore1stHampden, and created the world’s biggest open-air football museum – Football’s Square Mile; and is currently writing his first book ‘Football Queens & Kings’.

Contact via Twitter: @hampdeners

Lindsay Hamilton

Lindsay is a Glaswegian who dreamed of turning her passion for football and story telling into a unique football tour around the best wee city in the world!!

An unapologetic stadium hopper who is completely incapable of visiting a new city without checking out the local football ground, and introduces people to Glasgow’s unique football tourism experience. 

Contact via Twitter: @GLAfootballtour

Barry kirk

Barry is Scotland mad and a seasoned traveller with the Tartan Army with only 1 missed Scotland home game in 20 years! He’s a collector of memorabilia of the national side, where if it says “Scotland” on it, then he’s got to have it!

Barry is a communicator by trade with over 10 years working in the private sector with his impressive list of contacts and extensive network, Barry is broadcasting our message to people, publications and organisations.

Contact via Twitter: @1stHampden

Gordon mcphee

Fortunately retired Glaswegian living in the Highlands. Master tactician and co-manager of Scotland 1870s-1880s Team, who finished 3rd in the The Football History Boys, Greatest International Team of all Time Competition.

Former Head of Human Resources, worked in Public, Private and Third Sectors. Member and season ticket holder of Queen’s Park FC and a follower of Ross County FC (and Highland, Allan Glens and Glasgow Warriors rugby clubs).

Contact via Twitter: @GrumpyWeegie

jim purvis

Jim is The Hampden Collection Historian and has a lifelong interest in sport, history and the English language, with a passion for social history from the 19th century onwards.

The love affair with Queen’s Park and Scotland has spanned more than 50 years of ups and downs – including the what ifs, buts and maybes.

Contact via Hampden Collection: @hampdeners

Hugh Barrow

Worn out runner and rugby fan. Inspired by Herb Elliott, the great Australian runner, his ambition was to be the first Scot to break the 4 minute mile, which he got remarkably close with 4m 1s but never got the last second.

Abiding memory winning an international mile at Hampden Park, before the Scotland v England match April 1962 with 132,000 in attendance. Hugh has researched the history of multiple sports and supported the Hampden Collection mission on Twitter, since the beginning.

Contact via Twitter: @Hugh_Barrow

Julie mcneill

Julie is a ceiling smashing Poet-In-Chief III of the Hampden Collection, and Poet-In-Residence of St Mirren Football Club. Within both roles this promotes the written word, as a way for all football fans to express their feelings, thoughts and emotions for the beautiful game.

Julie’s debut poetry collection ‘Ragged Rainbows’ is available through Dreich Publishers and she has also co-authored a book for children and families with dyslexia ‘Mission Dyslexia’.

Contact via Twitter: @JulieMcNeill1

The Coutts Brothers

David and Brian grew up in Culter, near Aberdeen, where they honed their football skills on a mini triangle of grass nick-named ‘Mini Hampden’. Brian lives in Yorkshire and Secretary of the Barkston Ash FA (yes, he’s a member of the English FA!) and has a fantastic collection of Scotland v England programmes.

David lives in Gourock with his claim to fame scoring at all three Hampdens. Brian & David are proud Tartan Army men, with a passion for Scottish Football, Hampden’s history and their combined legacy.

Contact via Twitter: @Coutts_David and @Couttsba

Frank Mccrossan

Retired civil servant and long-time sports fan. Member of Queen’s Park FC and regular attender at matches.

Keen interest in the early history of Scottish football, with a particular emphasis on Queen’s Park in the club’s glory years. See Frank’s excellent Chronicle here at http://www.qphistory.com

Organiser of the ball attendants at Hampden Park since 2006.

Contact via Twitter: @FrankMcCrossan5

Jim Mackintosh

One of Scotland’s foremost poets, Poet-In-Chief II of the Hampden Collection and Cataran EcoMuseum. Regular at Festivals and Poetry Gigs, Programme Manager for the HamishMatters Festival, and publishing 6 Poetry Collections, the latest being Flipstones.

Poet-In-Residence at St Johnstone until 2019, Editor of ‘Mind The Time’ and currently Poetry Editor for Nutmeg Magazine, showing his credentials as one of the World’s best football poets.

Contact via Twitter: @JimCMackintosh

Ashley Rawson

Glasgow based Artist, Ashley, uses pencils, paint, design, photography, animation and music to explore the world around him. Renowned for thought provoking work including ‘Glasgow Kiss’, ‘Window in the East’ , ‘I belonged to Glasgow’ and his inventive paintings of Glasgow’s indigenous bird-life..

Inspired by his home town, Ashley continues to defy convention and focus on its history with a twist. Ashley’s #1stHampdenMural is our greatest asset, conveying our overall mission to tell the world the Scotch Professor story.

Contact via Twitter: @AshleyRawson11

matt corr

Matt Corr grew up in Springburn in the Northside of Glasgow in the 1960’s, developing a love of and passion for football initially through his father, which would become his lifelong obsession, from boy to man, and which is now shared with his own children and, more recently, his grandchildren.

Having followed his beloved Celtic at home and abroad over a 50-year period, with the odd visit to Wembley with Scotland thrown in, Matt has now turned to sharing the stories of the people and games who have made that journey unforgettable in print.

Contact via Twitter: @Boola_Vogue

James mchugh

Joined The Hampden Collection at the start of our #KeepHampdenRoaring campaign in 2018 and played an integral part in its success. A graphic designer to trade via his SupernovaGraffix business and runs the Hampden Roars social media platform. James has been at the heart of raising awareness through creative images and materials for both the Hampden Collection and Hampden Bowling Club.

A keen Tartan Army man with a soft spot for Queens Park FC, James continues to play a key role in communicating our message to the world.

Contact via Twitter: @HampdenRoars

richard Young

Richard Young – aka ‘Siggy’ is an accomplished cricketer. His extensive cricketing background and passion for sport combined with being an amateur hobbyist historian, produced a remarkable work of research called ‘As the Willow Vanishes’. This proved the astonishing links between the game of association football and the cricket clubs, players and administrators of the mid and later nineteenth century Scottish Central Belt.

Richard is currently working on a new project called ‘The Willow That Was Lost’.

Contact via Facebook: @As_The_Willow_Vanishes

Neil Stobie

Neil is a “Collector” of sports grounds and has visited every current league ground in Scotland and a number that unfortunately have now gone.”

Neil’s love of sport has taken him to some of the world’s great stadia and has been a volunteer with the Football Memories project since it’s early days.

Contact via Twitter: @shintyconvert

dr fiona skillen

Dr Fiona Skillen is a senior lecturer and sports historian at Glasgow Caledonian University. She has published & researched extensively in women’s sport during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Recent projects include FIFA-funded, ‘Mapping the history and development of women’s football in Scotland 1890-1939’ explores early the development of the women’s game in Scotland and a detailed story of Rutherglen Ladies FC with Steve Bolton.

Fiona regularly contributes to the media, including BBC World Service, BBC Radio Four, STV and BBC Alba.

Contact via Twitter: @FionaSkillen

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