Hampden Collection Heroes

This page is dedicated to those that have provided their time, effort and creativity to  the Hampden Collection. They all have the same values, enthusiasm and drive to ensure the Hampden Legacy is protected. This effort would have cost us £000s and it is only right to tell the world about these amazing people behind the businesses that have helped get us of the ground.

stadium portraits – paul town

Paul Town is the first artist to recreate a scene from the World’s 1st Purposefully Built International Football Ground and paint the 3 Hampdens. Lets put that into context. Football is watched or played by 3.5 billion people around the world and there is a place modern football started. Okay. We are not joking. The modern game of football was created on a patch of grass on the Glasgow’s South-Side, otherwise known as Hampden, which became a trilogy of the greatest football stadiums every built, located in Crosshill and Mount Florida. There are no other words required other than look him up at the link below.

Supernova Graffix – James McHugh

James is an avid Queens Park and Scotland fan who go in touch to offer his services from logos, social media design to flyers, invitations and business cards. Both James and his brother Ally came down to one of the Hampden Collection meetings and before they knew it there were in the squad. They have set up the HampdenRoar facebook page and instagram account. Both of which are taking the campaign to the masses. Their #KHR poster is now proudly displayed throughout the Greater Hampden area – so have a look for it. A gracious donation to the cause from the McHugh brothers. So if you are wondering why we are so impressed – check out the Supernova Graffix website and you can see what we are on about.

Thanks James!

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 06.19.36

WalterNewton.com – Walter Newton

Walter is the man behind our Lion. When we saw the draft “sketch” we were mightily impressed. We had so little time to spin up our attempt to get something done for the Scotland v Costa Rica game and he came up with it within a morning. It is now the beating the heart of the #KeepHampdenRoaring campaign. Walter is a gifted illustrator so look up his website for more of his great work.

Thanks Walter!

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 06.21.51