THC Historian

The Hampden Collection prides itself on bringing the history of the 3 Hampden Parks, and all who played on them, to the world. These Scotch Professors shaped the modern world of football, and are very rarely talked about. This is starting to change and these stories are formed by the most important teams of all time, Queens Park Football Club and Scotland’s National Team.

Jim Purvis takes on the role of The Hampden Collection Historian at its most important juncture. A Glasgow South Sider born and bred, Jim grew up within walking distance of Hampden, and went to his first football match on 2nd January 1968. The match finished with a Spider’s win: Queen’s Park 2 Hamilton Academical 1.

Jim can still recite the Queen’s team that day if you care to ask him!

The love affair with Queens Park and Scotland has spanned more than 50 years of ups and downs – including the what ifs, buts and maybes.

Jim has a lifelong interest in sport, history and the English language, with a passion for social history from the 19th century onwards. Jim volunteered five years ago to join Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland for whom he now works full time, and uses the power of sports reminiscence to help those living with dementia, social isolation, depression and loneliness which have been the most fulfilling of his working life.

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, 3rd Hampden was referred to as Jim’s “second home” and brings a lifelong passion of the game. This will be put to good use to show the world the importance of Hampden Park, Scotland’s National Team and Queens Park Football Club, which provide the greatest footballing story rarely ever told……..until now.