Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 248 – Organisational Sucker Punch

Over the next four weeks, Margaret and I focus the entire Glasgow operation on completing the Dean of Guild contract."Margaret, please summon everyone together at 3 o'clock this afternoon.", I said.I make my way out of the office onto Hope Street, where the characteristically horizontal rain greeted me. Today, nothing will get in my way, … Continue reading Chapter 248 – Organisational Sucker Punch

Chapter 245 – Expecting The Unexpected

The following day, Iain Falcon and I prepare to leave Prestwick and Malcolm Anderson for his journalistic tasks. As promised, David Mackintosh is waiting at the hotel's entrance at ten o'clock, and we board the carriage."I wondered if you would come and find out how this went?" I said to Mary, looking her usual elegant … Continue reading Chapter 245 – Expecting The Unexpected

Chapter 243 – New Sporting Periodical

Malcolm Anderson, Iain Falcon and I stand amongst a large gathering of excited spectators waiting for the competition to begin. I look down at the match card and absorb all the players’ names. The order of play comprises three rounds of twelve holes, all completed in one day.“The match commences in thirty minutes. Malcolm, you … Continue reading Chapter 243 – New Sporting Periodical

Chapter 242 – Forest Flowers Banned

Malcolm Anderson, Iain Falcon, and I retire to the drawing-room, where I decant Kilnave whisky into three crystal tumblers. Light dances through the crisscrossed mosaic lines as we raise our glasses and toast the 1872 Open Championship."What's Malcolm's new job?" enquired Iain."Malcolm is a journalist. We met at Kennington Oval in February, where England again … Continue reading Chapter 242 – Forest Flowers Banned