Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 243 – New Sporting Periodical

Malcolm Anderson, Iain Falcon and I stand amongst a large gathering of excited spectators waiting for the competition to begin. I look down at the match card and absorb all the players’ names. The order of play comprises three rounds of twelve holes, all completed in one day.“The match commences in thirty minutes. Malcolm, you … Continue reading Chapter 243 – New Sporting Periodical

Chapter 242 – Forest Flowers Banned

Malcolm Anderson, Iain Falcon, and I retire to the drawing-room, where I decant Kilnave whisky into three crystal tumblers. Light dances through the crisscrossed mosaic lines as we raise our glasses and toast the 1872 Open Championship."What's Malcolm's new job?" enquired Iain."Malcolm is a journalist. We met at Kennington Oval in February, where England again … Continue reading Chapter 242 – Forest Flowers Banned

Chapter 238 – The Wanderer Returns

Five sets of arms lock into one family embrace. A ring of emotional steel, strengthened by a long summer of separation."Long time, no see.", I joked.Emelia thumps me on the upper arm with a smirk and fiery gaze.Meanwhile, Arabella, Adair and Lewis are looking at the suitcases and locate one anonymous wicker basket."So, who's been … Continue reading Chapter 238 – The Wanderer Returns

Chapter 237 – Islay’s Golden Heaven

A carriage, coated in the purple hues of Kilnave House, awaits at the end of the Harbour entrance. The Footman loads all our belongings, except for the wicker basket, which I retrieve and peak inside, finding three bundles of fur sleeping soundly. “We’ll need to keep quiet.”, I whispered to Iain Falcon. The rolling fields … Continue reading Chapter 237 – Islay’s Golden Heaven

Chapter 236 – Clutha’s Optimism Shimmers

The Optimist's funnels billow, curling clouds of smoke into Glasgow's sky. The feel of the sea is different from the solid foundations of dry ground, where movement and change are the only constant.I stand, gripping the handrail on the ship's stern, and look to my left, where the sprawling mass of Glasgow's centre is a … Continue reading Chapter 236 – Clutha’s Optimism Shimmers