Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 180 – Silence, Shock, Grief

The gathering of mourners leave, and I find Emelia with the children at the Post Office, in deep conversation with the Post Master, explaining last night’s events. We gather and provide our own testimony and brutal detail of last night.“We will hold a joint ceremony for all those lost, tomorrow,”, said the Minister.“That quick?” I … Continue reading Chapter 180 – Silence, Shock, Grief

Chapter 179 – Waves of Tears

Captain MacDonald faces the assembled crowd, where murmurs fall silent, and waves lap against the pier's pillars, providing sombre background noise, "The Osprey was lost last night in heavy seas, and these people are the only survivors."The brutal honesty of the situation turns my stomach, and shocked silence breaks with a dramatic emotional outpouring."Console each … Continue reading Chapter 179 – Waves of Tears

Chapter 177 – Kilnaughton Beach, Islay

Pàdair and Simidh, our two newly introduced saviours, tow our rescued party into Kilnaughton beach, where we reach dry land. Mother Nature has demonstrated life's fragility and showed the force of her ferocious capability.Emelia and the children gather into a family hug. I have never felt such proximity to Death, who was trying to shepherd … Continue reading Chapter 177 – Kilnaughton Beach, Islay

Chapter 175 – Psalm of David

The early morning sea breeze dries out our sodden hair and clothes. The reality of our perilous situation hits home when Arabella, my daughter, stirs from her slumber.Arabella rubs her eyes, untangling herself from her younger brothers, Adair and Lewis, and looks across the sea. My inquisitive daughter turns her head and smiles with the … Continue reading Chapter 175 – Psalm of David