Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 222 – Lord Provost’s Blessing

Mary and I make our way through the crowds. The Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Town Councillors are next to meet and greet.I spot Henry Carey and Edward Fortis manoeuvring their way to the front. “Mary, time to move.”We briskly move to the front, ahead of the bustling Englishmen. Mary turns around and gives them a … Continue reading Chapter 222 – Lord Provost’s Blessing

Chapter 221 – Dreams Drive Destiny

The carriage stops on the corner of Shamrock Street and St George’s Road. Mary and I disembark, “Start in a lucky street.”, said David, reaching down to shake my hand, acknowledging his Irish ancestry.There is no emotion within my exhausted veins; however, this symbolic gesture provides a welcome boost.We walk towards the large crowd. “Who … Continue reading Chapter 221 – Dreams Drive Destiny

Chapter 220 – End of Beginning

My hallway clock strikes seven times, and I breathe deeply, releasing my stomach’s nervousness. Two years, ten days ago, Parliament passed the Tramways Act 1870, and today, Monday 19th August 1872, Glasgow’s streets will change forever.The last nine days resembled bedlam. The day after the funerals, we mustered a broken workforce, rolled up our sleeves, … Continue reading Chapter 220 – End of Beginning

Chapter 219 – Rest in Peace

The summer sunshine creates a sweltering and stifling twenty-seven degrees celsius. Flower arrangements burst with colour on the grey stone pathway, and gleaming horse carriages line up quietly, dispersing their passengers into the sanctum. The silence is only broken by birdsong, conveying nature's final farewell.Five members of Thompson & French stand around me, including James … Continue reading Chapter 219 – Rest in Peace

Chapter 218 – The Enlightener’s Rest

Following dinner, we walk to Advocate's Close and find our friends from the Liberty, Justice and Reverence League in their usual spot, in the corner of The Enlightener's Rest. We order pints of beer and take our seats."Ah, you made it.", said Robert Louis."I have looked forward to this all week.", said James."Our topic of … Continue reading Chapter 218 – The Enlightener’s Rest

Chapter 217 – Organisations Require Balance

I leave the deserted office, walk to the North British Railway Train Station and board the train. I've dispatched word of my impending arrival to the Edinburgh office.I disembark at Waverley Station and find John Falcon on the platform. There are no words spoken, only a brotherly embrace by two people who survived colossal trauma … Continue reading Chapter 217 – Organisations Require Balance

Chapter 214 – Day of Mourning

I walk into Thompson headquarters and ask Anne, my Receptionist, “Please gather everyone into the main drawing hall.”Anne nods without comment. My skeleton tram team gather at the front with Margaret Scott’s Dean of Guild Team slotting in behind, confronting me with a sea of fearful faces. I remember Emelia’s advice for these situations, ’put … Continue reading Chapter 214 – Day of Mourning

Chapter 213 – World’s Largest Workshop

I sit at my breakfast table, staring into my swirling cup of tea, transfixed by the motion. My brain commands movement; however, my body resists. Agnes hands me today’s North British Daily Mail.“2nd August 1872, Agnes. Where does the time go?”The twenty-five-year-old Galloway girl never holds back on such subjects, “Death is part of everyday … Continue reading Chapter 213 – World’s Largest Workshop