Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 195 – Challenge Into Opportunity

“And now there are eleven.”, I said, turning to face Mary, who always makes an entrance.“I hand-delivered the letters and explained our situation.”, said Mary.“Thanks. And their reaction?”“Your biggest clients are reasonable and will wait. Others are disgruntled and are moving to Carey & Fortis.”Underneath my skin, I could feel my blood boil, and my … Continue reading Chapter 195 – Challenge Into Opportunity

Chapter 192 – Devotion, Occupation, Vocation

My carriage awaits in front of the Berkeley Street Tenement, with David Mackintosh opening the doors.“David, for once, I will be your coachman. Robert is sick, a third of my workforce are not leaving this building until they are well, and in the meantime I will take back the Glasgow Office’s reigns.”David nods, hands me … Continue reading Chapter 192 – Devotion, Occupation, Vocation

Chapter 190 – Sickness and worry

I knock on the door of the first flat in the tenement block, and Hugh Hudson answers with a troubled face. “What’s wrong?” I ask.“Robert is sick. He has a fever.”, said Hugh.My stomach sinks, “Has the doctor examined him?”“Yes. Mrs Struth sent for him immediately, and he prescribed everything possible. Only time will tell.”Mrs … Continue reading Chapter 190 – Sickness and worry

chapter 189 – Games Are On

The Committee disperse, and I ask Archibald Rae, our Secretary, “What teams are you inviting?”“The Glasgow teams: Thistle, Granville, Clydesdale, Drumbreck and Southern. I will post the letters tomorrow.”, said Archibald.“You are missing one. Please invite the young men of Rangers.”, I said, remembering the score I have to settle with young Moses McNeil.Archibald looks … Continue reading chapter 189 – Games Are On

Chapter 188 – Preparation, Planning, Process

In true Queens Park style, we elect a sub-committee to organise our first Athletics Festival, and Robert Smith is elected chair. We meet at Dick’s Bar to commence the process.“We started here five years ago. From humble athletic pursuits, we have grown into Scotland’s leading light on the football field. Athletics is an excellent way … Continue reading Chapter 188 – Preparation, Planning, Process

Chapter 187 – Club Foundation Stones

Following incredible ingenuity, persistence and enjoyment, we are celebrating our fifth year of existence. We have thrived for eighteen hundred and twenty-seven days, establishing a club playing in Scotland and England and leading the organisation of the first international football association match. We are following the lead of our Scottish rugby brethren, who organised the … Continue reading Chapter 187 – Club Foundation Stones