Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 137 – James Hutton, Geologist

The Royal Mile is a bustling metropolis of people, where two men of Thompson & French continue discussing the enlightening past residents of Edinburgh.“Quite a leap from philosophy to geology?”, asked James Hogg.“Well, this man changed the theory on the ground beneath your feet. In his day, people believed the Earth was only six thousand … Continue reading Chapter 137 – James Hutton, Geologist

Chapter 136 – David Hume, Philosopher

James Hogg and I sit in Parliament Square with the Law Courts building in front of us, holding the College of Justice, the pinnacle of the Scottish Legal System.“James, this building holds both the Court of Session, Scotland’s supreme civil court, and the High Court of Justiciary, Scotland’s supreme criminal court.”, I said.“The Act of … Continue reading Chapter 136 – David Hume, Philosopher

Chapter 134 – Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy

James Hogg and I stand outside Scotland’s Parliamentary building, which was part of the governance structure of Scotland, which ruled itself from 1235 to 1707, before the Act of Union prorogued the Parliament, with no further date of meeting stipulated.“‘Sine Die’, is the expression used for adjourning an assembly indefinitely. I wonder if it will … Continue reading Chapter 134 – Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy

Chapter 133 – Five Enlightenment Bridges

James Hogg and I continue our discussion standing on a bridge built in 1833, which is the western approach into the centre.“Edinburgh has five bridges, where the city’s fathers extended in every direction, and include North, South, Regency, Waterloo and this one, Kings.”, I explained.“The best names for streets and bridges are compass points, monarchy … Continue reading Chapter 133 – Five Enlightenment Bridges

Chapter 132 – Crucible of Enlightenment

Edinburgh is the home of Scottish ingenuity, where the impossible becomes possible. This City has a beating heart of enlightened minds, who made, and continue to make, the modern world.James Hogg and I leave our Queen Street Office, “We are going to discuss the inspiring stories of those who came here as unknown erudites and … Continue reading Chapter 132 – Crucible of Enlightenment

Chapter 131 – Princes Street Station

I leave Glasgow and travel to our Edinburgh office. I spend one week each month with James Hogg, supporting the development of Thompson & French in our nation’s capital. I walk within the beautifully appointed New Town, reaching our building, situated at 26 - 27 Queen Street.“Good morning, Margaret.”, I said to our new receptionist.“Today … Continue reading Chapter 131 – Princes Street Station

Chapter 130 – Similia Similibus Curantur

Our exuberant celebrations come to a grinding halt at three minutes to midnight. Archie, Western Club’s finest barman, calls, “Final orders.”, on David Wotherspoon and I’s over-indulgence of our favourite liquor.“Two rounds of Bowmore, Archie, please?”, I said, composing myself and remembering manners.“Excellent choice.”, replies Archie, ensuring we sample the delights of the club, and … Continue reading Chapter 130 – Similia Similibus Curantur

Chapter 129 – A Scotsman Letter

Queens Park’s fire burns brightly after our defensive masterclass against Granville. David Wotherspoon and I discuss our progress in the Western Club, whisky in-hand, celebrating the 1872 season. Today culminated in our Second Team’s victory over East Kilbride by one goal to nil, continuing our unbroken record of clean sheets.“A momentous season: five games, three … Continue reading Chapter 129 – A Scotsman Letter