Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 125 – Quills, Ink & Pens

Thompson & French’s sign sways, creaking in the April winds, alerting Hope Street’s pedestrians to its presence. Our office facade provides essential display cases for distinguished work and awards, which regularly exemplifies our exceptional exhibits. Families usually stop to explain, point, teach and regale stories of the places identified on our maps.I stride into the … Continue reading Chapter 125 – Quills, Ink & Pens

Chapter 124 – Monday Morning Motivation

Today is a morning with a difference. Last night’s dream sent a shockwave through my system, where I cannot contemplate losing those close and being alone. Loneliness is the greatest fear amongst humanity. Without each other, what are we?I count those, which make every leaving and return worthwhile: a dog bounding up the path, three … Continue reading Chapter 124 – Monday Morning Motivation

Chapter 123 – Là Na Gocaireachd

Spring sunshine creeps through the curtains on the first day of April, where every muscle in my body aches from yesterday’s unforgettable race. I reach over and find Emelia missing and the house silent. Noise is ever-present in my household. How strange? I quickly dress and head to the kitchen, where Agnes, our housekeeper, maintains … Continue reading Chapter 123 – Là Na Gocaireachd

Chapter 121 – Football’s Newest Beginning

James Hogg and I warmly congratulate Glasgow's newest football masters on their idea. "Rangers will become a vocation in life, absorbing every minute of your precious time.", I said. There is something about Moses McNeil, which I like, where he always appears to have prepared an answer for your unspoken question. "We are young, keen … Continue reading Chapter 121 – Football’s Newest Beginning

Chapter 120 – Glasgow’s Second Founders

Elizabeth McNeil stands, "I leave you to talk football." The Berkeley Street matriarch leaves, squeezing Moses' cheek on the way past. Moses, Peter his elder brother by one year, William McBeath and Peter Campbell stand, which leaves James Hogg and I sitting, "Gareloch focusses on old sports; however we are fascinated with association football." Peter … Continue reading Chapter 120 – Glasgow’s Second Founders

Chapter 119 – The Gareloch Boys

Peter Campbell and William McBeath, both fifteen years old, grab my arms and pull me to my feet. “Far easier to get your breath back standing up.”, laughs Peter McNeil. James Hogg saunters along Berkeley Street and completes his race, “You boys vanished. Who won?” I push Moses left arm up, “A worthy champion.” “Well, … Continue reading Chapter 119 – The Gareloch Boys

Chapter 118 – Berkeley Street Finish

The house numbers whizz past, a pace which would have matched the best Queens Park's runners. However, as the finishing line nears, all I hear is cheering from a small gathering with shouts of "Moses, Moses, Moses." Experience should have told me not to look back; however, tiredness interrupts good judgement, and I turn my … Continue reading Chapter 118 – Berkeley Street Finish