Film Theatre

Here is our story so far. These videos tell a million words. They are historic and deserve their place in history.

Film 1 – The Hampden Trail

The first is the filming of the discovery of the exact location of 1st Hampden on Saturday 11th March 2017. It had been a subject of myth and legend for over a 100 years. This takes you around all 3 Hampden Parks and was done in a “Fake or Fortune” style.

See the full original version on youtube @ “”

Film 2 – The 3 Hampden Parks

Tells the story of the 3 Hampden Parks. Shot with Hi-Res camera and google maps. This tells you the story of the Hampden Park legacy like no other.

Film 3 – Home Is Where The Hampden Is

Stephen Watt our Poet In Chief tells the story. All filmed at the home of Scottish Football.

Film 4 – Hampden v Murrayfield – #KHR Launch Video

This was our #KeepHampdenRoaring campaign video that launched us into the stratosphere. Amazing what you can squeeze into 1 minute and 5 seconds.

Film 5 – Mount Florida Bloodline

Mount Florida Bloodline by our Poet-In-Chief, Stephen Watt and produced by 86 Media is a masterpiece. Exceptional writing combined with great filming at all three Hampdens. We are extremely grateful to Rettie & Co. that kindly sponsored this production. Enjoy.

Film 6 – #1stHampdenMural

#1stHampdenMural Campaign Success – The 1st Hampden Park, a wonder of the footballing world, will never be ‘Lost” again.

The Hampden Collection kicked off its #1stHampdenMural crowdfunding campaign in March 2019. The mural was designed by Ashley Rawson, Hampden Collection’s Artist-In-Residence, and covers 1st Hampden’s record-breaking, historic and symbolic past. Scotland was unbeaten on this ground, Queens Park was dominant during their tenure and it was the site of the first Scottish Cup Finals.

Film 7 – Scotch professor network

On 3rd July 2020 there was a historic video conference between the Hampden Collection and the Society for American Soccer History. This zoom session marked the official kick-off of our most daring and ambitious project to date. Listen to presentations from both ‘Sides of the Pond’. You will be surprised.

Film 8 – THC11 – The First Eleven

On 3rd September 2020; Jim Mackintosh our Poet-In-Chief, put his 50th poem of the collection to film. Another belting poetry football film. Enjoy here!