Film Theatre

Here is our story so far. These videos tell a million words. They are historic and deserve their place in history.

Film 1 – The Hampden Trail

The first is the filming of the discovery of the exact location of 1st Hampden on Saturday 11th March 2017. It had been a subject of myth and legend for over a 100 years. This takes you around all 3 Hampden Parks and was done in a “Fake or Fortune” style.

See the full original version on youtube @ “”

Film 2 – The 3 Hampden Parks

Tells the story of the 3 Hampden Parks. Shot with Hi-Res camera and google maps. This tells you the story of the Hampden Park legacy like no other.

Film 3 – Home Is Where The Hampden Is

Queens Park completed a set of films to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Club. This brought Stephen Watt to our attention and we asked him to become our First Poet In Chief. This brilliant QPFC film sums everything up and all filmed at the home of Scottish Football.

Film 4 – Hampden v Murrayfield – #KHR Launch Video

This was our #KeepHampdenRoaring campaign video that launched us into the stratosphere. Amazing what you can squeeze into 1 minute and 5 seconds.

Film 5 – Mount Florida Bloodline

Mount Florida Bloodline by our First Poet-In-Chief, Stephen Watt and produced by 86 Media is a masterpiece. Exceptional writing combined with great filming at all three Hampdens. We are extremely grateful to Rettie & Co. that kindly sponsored this production. Enjoy.

Film 6 – #1stHampdenMural

#1stHampdenMural Campaign Success – The 1st Hampden Park, a wonder of the footballing world, will never be ‘Lost” again.

The Hampden Collection kicked off its #1stHampdenMural crowdfunding campaign in March 2019. The mural was designed by Ashley Rawson, Hampden Collection’s Artist-In-Residence, and covers 1st Hampden’s record-breaking, historic and symbolic past. Scotland was unbeaten on this ground, Queens Park was dominant during their tenure and it was the site of the first Scottish Cup Finals.

Film 7 – Scotch professor network

On 3rd July 2020 there was a historic video conference between the Hampden Collection and the Society for American Soccer History. This zoom session marked the official kick-off of our most daring and ambitious project to date. Listen to presentations from both ‘Sides of the Pond’. You will be surprised.

Film 8 – THC11 – The First Eleven

On 3rd September 2020; Jim Mackintosh our Poet-In-Chief, put his 50th poem of the collection to film. Another belting poetry football film. Enjoy here!

Film 9 – Glasgow rotary club

On 30th September, The Gaffer gave this presentation to the Glasgow Rotary Club – hold onto your hats – this is the story of the Lost Hampden Park.

Film 10 – 1st Hampden Mural restored

On 3rd October 2020 we announced the repair of our biggest and best project.

#1stHampdenMural 2020

Film 11 – ‘Scotland, our scotland’ by Julie McNeill

On 19th October 2020, Hampden Collection Announced the appointment of Julie McNeill as the #SWNTPoetsSociety’s first Makar. Here is Julie’s first poem and filmed for the occasion.

#SWNTPoem36 – ‘Scotland, Our Scotland’ – Julie McNeill

Film 12 – ‘pressure’ by Julie McNeill

Written in response to Shelley Kerr being asked if the girls are feeling the pressure before the Scotland V Albania Game. Shelley replied that they are, but that pressure is a privilege. Published on 27th October ahead of the Women’s Euros match between Finland and Scotland.

#SWNTPoem38 – ‘Pressure’ – Julie McNeill

Film 13 – Grass Prisms by Jim Mackintosh

This is one of Jim Mackintosh’s greatest poems and released on St Andrews Day 2020, with 2 years to go to the biggest anniversary for international football.

#THC13 – ‘Grass Prisms’ by Jim Mackintosh

Film 14 – Diego

At our launch of our partnership with Archaeology Scotland I asked a very simple question of our Chief Historian. Explain the link between the Scotch Professors and Diego Maradona?

Our Argentinian Scotch Professor

Film 15 – Discovery of the 1st hampden map

On The Hampden Collection’s 3rd birthday, we released this video with the original footage from discovering the only known map of the 1st Hampden and proving the legend once and for all.

11th March 2017 – 1st Hampden Site Proven

Film 16 – More than one side by stuart kenny

Stuart Kenny, our newly appointed Primo Poetica Makar, makes his debut poem in his new role. A brilliantly poignant and moving poem ahead of Scotland v Ukraine, 1st June 2022.

#PrimoPoetica40 – More Than One Side by Stuart Kenny