Chief Historian

Ged O’Brien is our Chief Historian, whose encyclopaedic knowledge of Hampden, Football and sport in general, provides an unparalleled asset to communicate the Hampden Story to the world.

Ged O’Brien, the author of Played in Glasgow, qualified as a teacher and museum curator. He worked in Manchester, where he also acted as a consultant to the National Museum of Labour History and chaired the Greater Manchester branch of the Football Supporters Association. Thereafter he taught in both Nottingham and Southampton, before moving to Glasgow in 1993 to become Project Director of the world’s first national football museum. This opened at Hampden Park in 2001.

In the 90s he served for five years as chair of the Association of Sports Historians. By this time, totally smitten with Glasgow, he returned to teaching in 2005. In 2015, he was asked to be interviewed at Hampden Bowling Club on a documentary on Third Lanark. His groundbreaking book ‘Played in Glasgow’ confirmed the City as the world capital of sport. All his work to this point,  would eventually lead to the formation of the Hampden Collection.