Chapter 259 – Fools Seldom Differ

We walk out into Moray Place, where Emelia’s new carriage waits, decorated with the Kilnave Distillery Coat of Arms. The coachman, wearing a navy blue jacket and white breeches, jumps down from the footplate and opens the door.

“M’lady.”, said the Coachmen.

“Morning, Flora.”, said Mary.

“Morning, Sir.”, said Flora to me, whose bright green eyes lit up the morning darkness.

We board the carriage and sink into the sumptuous cushions adorning the inner benches.

“This makes a statement of intent.”, I said.

Emelia starts laughing, “The whisky distillers of Glasgow are in for a shock.”

“So, where are we going?”

“Well, there is simple logic. I need a large office building for the Headquarter’s staff, require swift access to the Clutha and the railway for logistics, and have extensive warehousing. There was one place standing out amongst all others.”

“Please, let me guess.”

“Oh, here we go.”

“I think we are going to King Street. This area is adjacent to Kingston Docks for shipping and the Coal Depot at Terminus Quay for rail freight, within walking distance of Springfield Quay, Bridge Street Train Station and the new tramline for staff transport links, and has large bonded warehouses.“

“How on earth do you know that?”

“Because that’s where I would put it.”

“Fools seldom differ.”

We both burst out laughing.

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