Chapter 255 – Secrets Lie Beneath

David Mackintosh expertly navigates the hive of activity within the Printworks Yard on Princes Street and brings the carriage to a halt. I observe Alexander Campbell, a General amongst his troops, maintaining the required high tempo.

The tramline map has been a considerable success, and every Glaswegian wants a copy. This new artery, flowing through the middle of the city, is proving so popular they are considering extending it. 

Our mission is to serve the Glasgow Town Council with style and win this repeat business. However, there are rumours Carey & Fortis are eyeing this opportunity and are likely to go to any length to secure the next contract.

The printworks is meticulous, and there is nothing more exciting than listening to the din created by workers at full speed. I carry the designs under my arm in a large tube and signal Alexander to follow me to his office. I roll out the drawings on the large table, place paperweights on each corner, and allow Alexander to pour over every detail of Glasgow Southside.

“This is magnificent.”, said Alexander.

“There is more.”, I said. 

I roll up the first sheet and reveal six further sheets below. 

“These are the secrets we have kept hidden. This new venture will change our business forever, and no one is expecting it.”, I said

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