Chapter 254 – Checking For Completeness

Hope Street. 2nd November 1872. Deadline day for the cartography design of Glasgow South, and Margaret Scott awaits one last review. I walk to No. 123, where the Thompson & French HQ sign rocks gently in the morning Autumnal breeze, beckoning me into the inner sanctum of the most important building in my world.

I proceed to the 1st Floor, where I find Margaret roving around the room, scouring every table and its contents, and ticking off her master checklist.

“How many times have you checked?”, I asked Margaret.

“I have lost count.”, replied Margaret.

“Are you happy with the final version?”

“I am as happy as I will ever be. I didn’t think this was possible.”

“Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. There are only three words left to say.”
Margaret takes a deep breath. The palpable sense of pride is cloaked in fear of a last-minute hitch.

“Congratulations. Thank you.”, I said to Margaret.

Margaret walks over to a chair and slumps into it. I could see the enormous burden of expectation fall to the floor and her shoulders relax for the first time in six weeks.

“We need Alexander Campbell to turn your magnificent design into production reality. We have four weeks. We need to light up the printworks, and race to the finish.”

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