Chapter 253 – Master of Detection

I sit at my table and stare into the silence of my kitchen. I have risen so early, everyone, including our housekeeper Agnes, is still sleeping. I clear my head by running through the parallel world of Thompson & French; and the upcoming football match, Scotland v England.

Before breakfast, it’s football; then full tilt in the office, and when I get home at night, it’s football once again. All of this is secondary to the family and taking care of the household. However, Agnes looks after most of that.

Life is about living. If you worry too much about tomorrow, you will miss today. I replay this mantra as I stand in the hall, tying my shoelaces. Stealth is one of my greatest attributes; however, my daughter Arabella, is the master of detection. I hear the floorboards creek on the stairs; as she descends into the hall.

“Can I come with you?” said an exhausted face, followed by an enormous yawn.

“Oh, I think you will have much more fun at home today.”, I said, smiling; and giving her a bone-crunching hug.

Before I say one more word, she is fast asleep, and I take her back up the stairs to bed.

I walk out the front door, smiling to myself. There are worst ways to start the working day.

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