Chapter 251 – Parkneuk Exhibition Match

One of the most challenging problems in life is when work overtakes everything, and your recreational vocation goes on hold.

“You have to go. I delivered Queen’s Park invitation personally.”, said Anne Elliot, my steadfast receptionist.

“There is interest from across the county for this exhibition match.”

“I understand, Anne, but the repercussions are enormous if we don’t finish the contract.”

“One afternoon will not stop the Thompson & French machinery. Go now, you don’t have much time, and someone is waiting for you.”

I run out the main door and into the carriage, where I find my footballing attire, and David Wotherspoon patiently waiting.

“You are a difficult man to track down. On the 3rd of October 1872, the FA Committee finally confirmed they are sending an England team to Glasgow.”, said David excitedly. “I am taking advantage of this journey to discuss the plans and help we need to create history.”

We spend the next two hours going over every detailed requirement, before finally arriving in the public park of Parkneuk in Alexandria. There is a large gathering of enthusiastic Dunbartonshire people awaiting Queen’s Park’s arrival.

The whole afternoon is consumed with the demonstration of association football, and why we believe they should adopt this code, and not the rugby code.

Anne will be delighted. They are already hooked.

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