Chapter 249 – An Ambitious Traitor

I slump down onto the stone-cold landing, swing my legs around the top three steps, wrap my arms around my head and fight with the double edge sword of fear and anger.

My mind drifts back to the night in Thompson & French HQ, where Mary warned me about several of my staff. I believed I had dealt with it admirably; however, I now concede defeat to Mary’s misgivings and berate myself for implicitly entrusting Robert.

I feel an arm wrap around my shoulder as an individual sits beside me, and I peak between my forearm and my bicep to see a crushed velvet dress. I don’t need to raise my head to see who it is.

“Mrs Struth is making tea. Come in off this floor; we have lots to talk about.”, said Mary.

“If only we had arrived five minutes sooner, Mary. If only.”

“Yes, but Robert was always five minutes from leaving. The key is preparing for this moment; you always knew this day would come. The ambitious will learn to fly and eventually leave the nest.”

“Yes, but not to them. Not to Carey & Fortis.”

Mary stares into the stained glass window and composes herself, “Yes, this unfortunate timing, but we must turn this to our advantage.”

Mary laughs wickedly, readying herself for the next momentous battle.

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