Chapter 248 – Organisational Sucker Punch

Over the next four weeks, Margaret and I focus the entire Glasgow operation on completing the Dean of Guild contract.

“Margaret, please summon everyone together at 3 o’clock this afternoon.”, I said.

I make my way out of the office onto Hope Street, where the characteristically horizontal rain greeted me. Today, nothing will get in my way, and I leap into the carriage, and David Mackintosh whisks me to Berkeley Street.

Over the last ten weeks, we’ve slowly restored Robert MacLeod to full health after his fever. I need him desperately to retake his position within our Glasgow operation and complete this vast project.

As I arrive at 169 Berkeley Street, I see a familiar black carriage, gilded in gold, leaving ahead of me. My stomach fills with sickness, and my legs feel weak. My brain registers dread, but my heart hopes my eyes deceive me.

I walk up to the top floor to Mrs Struth’s flat, and see she has replaced the sign above the door, ‘The Souls of the righteous are in the hand of God’.

I knock carefully, and the door opens, where Mrs Struth stands with tears streaming down her face. “I tried to convince him to stay. I told him to wait and talk to you. But he’s gone.”

“Gone where Mrs S?”

“To them.”

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