Chapter 247 – Furrowed Frown Lines

Margaret looks across at me. Her tired eyes and crumpled forehead betray the long nights spent under candlelight. I remember those days when an opportunity is so great you plough every inch of your heart and soul into its completion.

Now is the time for positivity, not ridicule, angst, worry or concern. Now is the time to take the load from the battle weary.

“Margaret, please come with me.”, I said.

We walk up to the top floor, climb the spiral staircase, and face the roof hatch.

“Watch this.”, I said as I pushed the dark blue crest and threw the hatch backwards. The room floods with light, and we shield our eyes as we walk into the observatory on the roof.

“From here, we can see across the whole of Glasgow and beyond.”

We walk across to the two seats facing south across the Clutha and out into the burgeoning development of Glasgow’s southern districts.

“Please take a seat.”, I said.

We both sit down and marvel at the city in front of us.

“Today is 15th September 1872. We have seventy-six days to the unveiling of the map.

We will achieve our objective and impress the Dean of Guild with our creation.”

“I hope so.”, said Margaret.

“I know so.”, I said, smiling and roll up my sleeves.

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