Chapter 246 – Planning For Success

Finally, I have the whole family in one place, and we settle back into our Moray Place abode. Emelia and I sit staring into the coal fire, listening to the gentle roar pulsing up the chimney. The autumn winds beat against the windows as we curl up tighter on the couch.

“All the plans for the business are now in place. The next three months will complete our most important project and set the foundations for the next decade.”, I said.

Emelia looked out of the window at the orange and brown leaves swirling in the air. “My search for Glasgow premises for Kilnave starts tomorrow, and I’m fearful and excited in equal measure.”

I recall all the times I have done a similar search. “Location is everything. A building is changeable; however a location is fixed. Take your time and research every facet of its surroundings and transport links. Would you like me to help you?”

I knew fine well the answer to this question.

“No, I have someone already lined up to help me. And you?”

I stare uneasily into the fire, “The Dean of Guild Contract is due in ten weeks. Our showpiece project nears the finishing line, and I am meeting Margaret Scott tomorrow to discuss progress.”


I cannot disguise my fear, “A little bit.”

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