Chapter 245 – Expecting The Unexpected

The following day, Iain Falcon and I prepare to leave Prestwick and Malcolm Anderson for his journalistic tasks. As promised, David Mackintosh is waiting at the hotel’s entrance at ten o’clock, and we board the carriage.

“I wondered if you would come and find out how this went?” I said to Mary, looking her usual elegant best, sitting neatly in the corner of the carriage.

Mary raised her left eyebrow, a telltale sign she was here for business. Sometimes words are not required.

“Yes, it went very well, and Young Tom Morris won once again,” said Iain Falcon, quickly cutting in and providing the required information.

“Excellent. This will put Malcolm to the test, and we will see just how good he is.”, said Mary.

“Yes, I think it will.”, I said, staring happily out into the Ayrshire countryside as it hurtles past us.

“I think we should have told him the real plan behind covering this tournament?”
This time Mary raises her right eyebrow.

“Or not, as the case may be.”, I said.

Iain Falcon appeared confused, “What do you mean there is the real plan?”

“Sometimes it’s better not to know.”, I said.

David gathers speed with our mission to cover the fifty miles trip to Glasgow and surprise Emelia and the children by joining them for dinner.

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