Chapter 244 – Open Championship, 1872

The Prestwick Golf Club was instituted in 1851 by fifty-seven members of the Red Lion Inn, who bought two adjacent cottages from the public house and created a golf club.

“Old Tom Morris left St Andrew’s for Prestwick with his young family and laid out this twelve-hole course. Old Tom, who moved back to St Andrew’s in 1864, won four from the first eight Championship Medals. Inspired by what he saw, Young Tom Morris has followed in his father’s footsteps and won the championship three years in a row, and if he wins this year, then he equals his father’s record of four wins, but more importantly, four consecutive wins.”, I said.

“Nothing like competition in the family.”, said Iain Falcon.

“Both of them are playing today, and this will be a great contest.”, said Malcolm Anderson.

“Knowing your course is everything. The Morris family has an incredible record and knows every nook and cranny.”, I said.

Young Tom Morris and William Hunter lead off into the Prestwick Links at ten o’clock, and we follow the matches around the course and watch the drama unfold. The lead changes several times until Young Tom emerges victorious by three shots.

“Malcolm, we must document this victory in great detail and tell everyone how the young Lion Rampant roared to his fourth victory.”

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