Chapter 243 – New Sporting Periodical

Malcolm Anderson, Iain Falcon and I stand amongst a large gathering of excited spectators waiting for the competition to begin. I look down at the match card and absorb all the players’ names. The order of play comprises three rounds of twelve holes, all completed in one day.

“The match commences in thirty minutes. Malcolm, you must introduce yourself to all the players, give them this card and organise a meeting after the competition.“

I hand over a gilt-edged card, measuring three and a half inches by two inches, with Thompson & French emblazoned on the front. The signature is in striking white text on a rich black background, with Malcolm’s name inscribed at the bottom.

Malcolm turns over one of the cards and proudly reads aloud, “The unlived life is not worth examining.”

Iain Falcon looks confused, takes one of the cards and starts spinning it in his hand.

“This is an Ancient Greek quote from Socrates and embodies our new creation. We will follow the lives of those who seek the highest sporting achievements, examine how they conquer greatness and vanquish failure, and we will tell the world their story.” I said.

“And the name of this new periodical?” asked Malcolm.

I look across the magnificent golf links with a broad smile, “You will have to wait and see.”

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