Chapter 241 – A Fifer’s Compliment

Iain Falcon and I arrive on 12th September 1872, settle into our lodgings, and have dinner looking out over Prestwick Links.

“The Prestwick Golf Club created The Challenge Trophy in 1860 as an annual test of the ‘Royal Game’. The competition is open to any golfer from the three kingdoms and seeks those wishing to rise above amateur excellence.”, I said.

“And, what’s the prize?” asked Iain.

“The Earl of Eglinton donated a Challenge Belt made from red Moroccan leather, with a silver buckle and silver panels to record the winners and their golfing scores.”

A man crossed the dining room, sat beside us, and started speaking, “Young Tom Morris won it in 1868, 1869 and 1870 and received the belt for good. There was no competition in 1870, as no trophy was available. However, the Prestwick Club, Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews and Musselburgh Club recently joined forces, reinstating the competition and buying a ‘cup’. The winner will only take possession of it for one year and never own it.”

“You are early, as usual, Malcolm. Iain Falcon, please let me introduce Malcolm Anderson, Thompson & French’s newest recruit.”

Malcolm shook Iain’s hand.

“I see your golf history is nae bad.”, laughed Malcolm.

“I’ll accept the Fifer’s compliment graciously.”

“You should – they are as rare as that belt.”

2 thoughts on “Chapter 241 – A Fifer’s Compliment

  1. I assume the Cup you refer to in chapter 241, is the old claret jug or Open Trophy. I worked as a bar steward in the R&A when I was a student. There was always an inscribed claret jug in their trophy cabinet, so I guess it is a replica. It looked exactly the same.


    1. Hi Martin. Great to hear from you. Yes the Cup is agreed to be purchased in 1872 (which is what I am referring too) but not presented for the first time until 1873. There is an Eglinton connection which I will explain soon. Hope you are enjoying it! About to get really exciting! GB


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