Chapter 240 – Fluent In Whisky

Emelia rolls one of Thompson & French’s world maps onto the golden sand, “The world is growing smaller by the day, and we need to expand Kilnave to compete effectively. We have split the world into three – Angus will manage the Americas, Dougal: Europe and Africa, and Lachlan: Asia and Oceania.”

“And your new role?”

“I will create the new Kilnave Headquarters in Glasgow and become the company’s new Chairman.”

“This will raise a few eyebrows within the establishment?”

“We think it’s time to change this man’s world.”

We both lie back on the sand and laugh loudly. Three months ago, the sea nearly drowned us, and now we have two companies with ambitions to conquer the world.

“We will need a bigger house and a nanny for the children.”, said Emelia.

“Indeed we do. I had the same idea and lined up several viewings for your return. I have recruited Captain Macdonald into the company, and whenever you go to sea, you will have his services. He will escort you and the children home tomorrow, ensuring you are in the safest of hands.”

The last embers of sunshine recede into the sea. “If we are going to Glasgow, where are you going?”

“I’m travelling to Prestwick with Iain Falcon to commence the next chapter of the Thompson & French business plan.”

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