Chapter 239 – Island Beach Retreat

The following two weeks on Islay are joyous, filled with endless sunshine, exploration and relaxation. We spend the time teaching our children their new responsibility, whilst Duke does not let me out of his sight.

On our last day, we leave the children in the capable hands of Iain Falcon, who has become an important and well-respected figure within the family.

“I’ll take them out on a skiff and show them the ropes of seafaring. They must not be afraid of the sea.”, said Iain.

“Excellent. A day trip awaits us too.”, I said to Emelia. “Picnic packed, destination selected, and Duke for company.”

We board the carriage and head south to Kilnaughton Beach, where we roll out the rug and look out to sea.

“We go home tomorrow.”, I said.

“This is my real home.”, said Emelia.

My heart sank into the sand beneath me, torn by the prospect of pulling Emelia away from her homeland. I let the silence roll like the waves across the foreshore. Sometimes it is better not to interrupt the process of deep deliberation.

“But we must go.”, said Emelia, sighing profoundly and giving Duke an enormous hug.

“Yes, we do. There is much to be done.”

“Yes. I need to discuss our business plans for Kilnave Distilleries.”

My heart beats a little faster.

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