Chapter 238 – The Wanderer Returns

Five sets of arms lock into one family embrace. A ring of emotional steel, strengthened by a long summer of separation.

“Long time, no see.”, I joked.

Emelia thumps me on the upper arm with a smirk and fiery gaze.

Meanwhile, Arabella, Adair and Lewis are looking at the suitcases and locate one anonymous wicker basket.

“So, who’s been the best behaved?” I said.

“Me.”, screeched three excited children.

Iain Falcon and I unload the basket from the rear of the carriage. I carefully loosen the straps and open the basket’s lid, protecting the contents from prying eyes.

“Please sit down, cross your legs and close your eyes.”, I said.

I beckon Iain and Emelia over and give them one puppy each.

“Three, two, one, open your eyes.”, I said as we placed a puppy each into the outstretched arms.

Their eyes and mouths open simultaneously in joy whilst the puppies wriggle in their arms and lick their faces.

“Introducing Caesar, Lady and Marquise.”, I said while pointing at Arabella, Adair and Lewis in order.

“We have a surprise for you too.”, said Emelia.

“What sort of surprise?”

“This one.”, said Emelia, who whistles, and I turn to find Duke bounding towards me at full speed, knocking me off my feet.

“Mary doesn’t know everything.”, said Emelia, with a wink.

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