Chapter 236 – Clutha’s Optimism Shimmers

The Optimist’s funnels billow, curling clouds of smoke into Glasgow’s sky. The feel of the sea is different from the solid foundations of dry ground, where movement and change are the only constant.

I stand, gripping the handrail on the ship’s stern, and look to my left, where the sprawling mass of Glasgow’s centre is a burgeoning thrall of industry and tenements.
On my right are the roots of the City’s growing populace stretching into the districts of the Gorbals, Plantation, Cessnock and Govan Village. Our ripples skirt the banks of Renfrew, Dumbarton, Port Glasgow and Greenock before heading out of the Firth of Clyde into the North Channel. We head North into the Sound of Gigha before a final westwardly turn towards Port Ellen.

“At least we’re under our own steam this time.”, I said.

Iain Falcon looked up into the heavens and whispered a thank you.

The rising sun casts a warmth on our skin and brightens our eyes, deprived of much-needed sleep. We’d made a pact before leaving Broomielaw Docks to spend the night scanning the horizon and ensuring we wouldn’t relive the nightmares of our last trip.

Our ship docks in Port Ellen’s Harbour, where a familiar face greets us, “We meet again.”, said Harbourmaster, Captain Macdonald.

“We’re a little drier this time.”, I said, laughing.

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