Chapter 235 – Next Plan Unfolds

I board the carriage and pick up the Fife Herald, where a handwritten note falls out.

‘Everything is packed for your trip. Please give the children a big hug from me. I am travelling to Irongray to visit my family. I wish you the safest of travels. Agnes.’

Our Housekeeper, from the parish of Kirkcudbrightshire in the heart of Galloway, is taking a much-needed break. Our house on Moray Place will fall silent for the first time since we bought the property in 1865.

I start to read the Fife Herald and find the circled article on the first page.

‘PRESTWICK GOLF CLUB – The Challenge Trophy for the Championship, open to all golfers and which is henceforth to be completed Annually on one of the following Links in each year – Prestwick, St Andrews and Musselburgh.’

Mary chooses her moments and accelerates my next plan. I tuck the paper and note into my briefcase and make a mental note to concentrate fully on the family over the next two weeks.

The carriage draws to a halt, and I step down onto the quayside. David Mackintosh attends to my luggage, signalling one of the Steam Company’s Porters, and as promised, Iain Falcon is waiting for me.

“Another Clutha adventure awaits.”, I said.

“Let’s hope for better weather than last time.”, laughed Iain.

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