Chapter 234 – Caesar, Lady, Marquise

Mary accompanies me to the carriage, where David Mackintosh awaits, “Iain Falcon will meet you at the quayside. But before you go, I have three gifts for you and the family.”
As we approach the carriage, I hear muffled whines from within a large basket tied to the back of the carriage.

“You cannot leave for Islay without something for the children, and I’ve taken the liberty of speaking to our breeder, and we were in luck.”, said Mary, opening the large wicker basket.

As the top opens, a set of paws jump onto the basket’s rim. Mary picks up the pup and hands him to me, “This one is called Caesar, and the other two are bitches, Lady and Marquise. There is one dog for each of the children.”

I put Caesar back in beside his sister and lift out Marquise, staring into her aqua blue eyes.

“You have a favourite already.”, laughed Mary. “I have left today’s Fife Herald on the carriage seat and circled an important article for you to read. Malcolm Anderson will meet you in Prestwick on Friday 13th September, which gives you two weeks to rest, relax and recuperate.”

I put Marquise back into the basket, fastened the lid and gave Mary a bone-crunching hug.

“The next chapter is about to begin.”, I said.

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