Chapter 233 – Time For Change

Saturday morning’s work cannot end quickly enough. I file away the final papers of a gruelling working week and find Anne busily tidying away the work diary.

“David Wotherspoon dropped in this letter. I see the intended recipient.”, said Anne.

“Your powers of deduction are exemplary, and the answer to your unsaid question is, yes, please”, I laughed cheekily.

“If Emelia were here, she would clobber you.”

The mention of Emelia shattered my laugh into a thousand pieces. “You know Anne; the last few months have been extremely tough. No wife, children or dog, with only work and football filling the great void.”

Anne reached out tenderly and clasped my hands, “You must go to Islay and bring home the family. Robert, Mary and I will look after the business. We have three months until we finish the Dean of Guild Contract, and if you do not go now, when will you go?”

“A most excellent idea.”, said a figure, standing in the doorway.

Anne immediately dropped my hands.

“I have David Mackintosh waiting outside, with all your luggage and Iain Falcon holding the ticket for both of you on tonight’s boat.”

“Once again, the women in my life are sorting me out.”, I said.

I winked at Anne, walked across the office floor and followed Mary to the carriage.

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