Chapter 229 – Vale of Leven

“Can you stop thinking about Queen’s Park for one moment?” said Anne, glowing red and grabbing back the Lennox Herald.

I immediately compose myself, “Read on, Anne.”

Anne shuffles in her chair, straightens her back and reads aloud, “At a meeting of young men, held on Tuesday evening 20th August, a foot-ball club was formed here. A committee of twelve was elected to make the necessary arrangements. A large park for practice has been granted by Mr John Cameron, Alexandria, and commencement is intended to be made about the end of October. ”

“Finally, football is spreading.”

“For years, rowing, cricket, shinty and athletics occupied the thoughts of the young from my local area.”

“I’ve heard the rowing regattas on Loch Lomond attract a great crowd.”

“Cricket is very popular, having been introduced by English mill workers, who imported their love of textiles and sport. However, athletics stirs the soul in our parts and they’ve called it Vale of Leven Athletic and Football Club.”

“Athletics is a fine bedrock for football.”

“Again, your perpetual football obsession holds no bound. You are fortunate my cousin, Donald McFarlane, is the new President, and he told me a crucial piece of information.”

Anne gestured me forward and whispered something in my ear.

I stood back, and screamed at the ceiling, “They are doing what!”

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