Chapter 228 – Anne Armstrong Elliot

Agnes hands me the Glasgow Herald at breakfast the following morning, where the opening article is entitled: ‘Inauguration of the Tramway System in Glasgow’.

“The tramway opened for public use, and the excitement during the entire day was extraordinary. At each station, there was a rush to gain seats.”, I said, reading the article aloud.

“The final sentence is an enormous understatement, ‘It may be fairly assumed that the cars will be largely patronised’.” said Agnes.

Agnes’ ability to remember whole pages of text with only a glance fascinates my children, where she narrates from memory, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s ‘Children’s and Household Tales’.

“Agnes, I’ve hardly slept. This new ability to traverse through the middle of the city in complete comfort provides endless opportunities, and importantly only costs two pennies for the whole trip.”

“An affordable wonder.”

The rest of the week is a rush of promotions and driving footfall into our new premises on Great Clyde Street.

Where one week finishes, a new one begins. I arrive at Thompson & French HQ, where Anne Armstrong Elliot, our receptionist, eagerly awaits my arrival.

“What’s the matter, Anne?” I asked.

Anne hands me the Lennox Herald, with the headline underlined in ink, ‘Vale of Leven – Formation of a Foot-Ball Club’.

I stand back, laughing, “Another opportunity for Queen’s Park Football Club.”

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