Chapter 227 – Changing the world

The tram pulls into the Cambridge Street Depot, and everyone gathers at the lead tramcar, where the Lord Provost ascends its steps. I look around at the gathering, and Mary, Margaret and Ann of Thompson & French, stand out amongst Glasgow’s gentry.

“The world changes today.”, I whispered into Mary’s ear.

“Every day, we change it.”, said Mary.

“We have accomplished the journey of two miles in thirteen minutes, or at the rate of nine miles an hour. I am old enough to recollect when there was no cab-stand in Glasgow and no omnibuses. We are inaugurating a new epoch in the history of our street traffic.”, said the Lord Provost.

Further speeches by the Chairman and Managing Director of the Glasgow Tramways & Omnibus Company conclude the ceremonies and signal the entourage to walk to the Corporation Galleries on Sauchiehall Street for a sumptuous banquet.

The evening is a delight where we make new acquaintances before our timely exit. I hear a familiar voice from behind me as we approach the door.

“I am very impressed.”, said the Deacon Convenor of the Dean of Guild, holding the celebratory brochure handed to every individual on entry.

“Thompson & French’s finest work.”, I said.

“I look forward to St Andrew’s Day for the unveiling.”

“For a host of reasons.”, I said with a smile.

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