Chapter 218 – The Enlightener’s Rest

Following dinner, we walk to Advocate’s Close and find our friends from the Liberty, Justice and Reverence League in their usual spot, in the corner of The Enlightener’s Rest. We order pints of beer and take our seats.

“Ah, you made it.”, said Robert Louis.

“I have looked forward to this all week.”, said James.

“Our topic of conversation is bridges, lighthouses, canals and railways.”, said Robert.

“Well, your family is top of that tree.”, said James.

“Engineering is in our genes. My grandfather, Robert Stevenson, built the Bell Rock Lighthouse.”

“An engineering marvel. Your grandfather served as an engineer on the Northern Lighthouse Board?” I said.

“He built his first lighthouse at nineteen, served on the Lighthouse Board for fifty years, and consulted on many projects for Thomas Telford, John Rennie, and Archibald Elliot.”

“Astonishing, and his three sons, and their sons, continue the family business to this day.”, I said.

“We have strong family values. On that note, how did you get on with the contract?”

James beams with pride, “Thanks for organising the most important introduction of my life. We are D & T Stevenson’s new cartography partner and will map all their creations.”

Everyone raises their glasses in celebration. I sit back, savouring our first victory over Carey & Fortis. We are back in the game. Glasgow beckons.

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