Chapter 217 – Organisations Require Balance

I leave the deserted office, walk to the North British Railway Train Station and board the train. I’ve dispatched word of my impending arrival to the Edinburgh office.

I disembark at Waverley Station and find John Falcon on the platform. There are no words spoken, only a brotherly embrace by two people who survived colossal trauma and recognise how lucky they are to be still alive.

The carriage journey to 26-27 Queen Street is in silence, and I look at John’s black armband, “Hugh’s funeral service is on 18th August.”, I said. The words feel hollow, and reality hits. Five people are dead, thirty staff are sick, and the remaining staff’s morale is hanging by a thread.

James Mackenzie welcomes us inside, “Deepest condolences.”

“Yes, and it’s now worse. James, I need to talk to you.”, I said, signalling him up to his office and explaining the details of the letter from Carey & Fortis.

“They do pick their moments.”

“They sense victory.”

“Well, the whole point of this Edinburgh venture is to support Glasgow during rough times, and vice-versa?”

“You are learning fast.”

James hands me over a letter, “This will help.”

I skim the letter, “You won the Stevenson contract?”

“The whole lot.”

“Do they know yet?”

“They find out tomorrow.”, said James, reaching for two whisky glasses.


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