Chapter 214 – Day of Mourning

I walk into Thompson headquarters and ask Anne, my Receptionist, “Please gather everyone into the main drawing hall.”

Anne nods without comment. My skeleton tram team gather at the front with Margaret Scott’s Dean of Guild Team slotting in behind, confronting me with a sea of fearful faces. I remember Emelia’s advice for these situations, ’put your hands behind your back, clasp them tightly, spread your feet, and breath deeply’.

“Last night, I visited Berkeley Street to see our friends and colleagues. Robert MacLeod,” as I said it, I could see many of them look to the heavens, “has been through the mightiest fever war and is on his way to recovery.”

There is a cheer within the room. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Anne looking up to the ceiling, thanking the heavens for their timely intervention.

“And what about the others?” asked John Grant.

“Our newest recruit, Hugh Hudson, sadly passed away last night at the Glasgow Fever Hospital. Furthermore, this morning, I received news from Mrs Struth a further four staff have died.”

The silent shockwave bounce around the room. I take a deeper breath. “Today is a day of mourning. Please go home and embrace your loved ones. We are the lucky ones. Tomorrow we come back, and finish what they started.”

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