Chapter 213 – World’s Largest Workshop

I sit at my breakfast table, staring into my swirling cup of tea, transfixed by the motion. My brain commands movement; however, my body resists. Agnes hands me today’s North British Daily Mail.

“2nd August 1872, Agnes. Where does the time go?”

The twenty-five-year-old Galloway girl never holds back on such subjects, “Death is part of everyday life: an inescapable, uncontrollable and unfortunate inevitability.”

“Yes, very true.”
“Live in the day, not in the past, and make the most of the time you have.”

“Indeed. Thank you.”

I gather my paper, briefcase, coat and hat and walk out into the morning air. David Mackintosh is in his usual place waiting for me, and the carriage journey provides welcome solace.

The front page of today’s paper is splashed with the prospectus for The State Steamship Company, offering 100,000 shares of £10 each. The share capital of £1,000,000 will buy six steamers for the transit of Goods and Passengers between Glasgow and New York; and Liverpool and New Orleans. Clyde shipyards will build all six ships.

Two thoughts change my mood. One, there is an ever-changing world to thrive in, and two, Glasgow is the workshop of the world, and our headquarters is in the centre of it.
We arrive at 123 Hope Street. I bear sad tidings and a hopeful future.

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