Chapter 207 – Bridge of Sighs

The Glasgow Fever House Attendant extends his hand. I put out my hand, and as both hands clasped together, the Attendant says considerately, “My deepest condolences, Hugh Hudson passed away two hours ago.”

My grasp tightens, with shock and disbelief, “Hugh was fit and healthy three days ago.” A lump sticks in my throat when referring to Hugh in the past tense. I am distraught at the thought of Hugh dying alone.

“Fever spreads fast, and is lethal by nature. A natural phenomenon with no mercy, and kills indiscriminately, young and old.”

“I brought him to Glasgow to start a new life, and this city has taken it from him.” I wipe away warm tears streaming down my cheeks.

“Did Hugh have any family?”

“No. Hugh’s adopted family is safe on Islay, and his great friend, John Falcon, is in Edinburgh. I will speak to our family’s Undertaker, cover all expenses, and make all the arrangements. There is no need to worry.”

I provide the Attendant with my details and leave to wander through Townhead. I only have one destination in mind, past Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow Cathedral, and arrive on the Bridge of Sighs, looking up through the Necropolis.

Life is short; another soul leaves for the heavens before their time. Glasgow’s ‘City of the Dead’ is aptly named.

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