Chapter 201 – Play, Rest, Work

I walk over to Robert Gardner and Archibald Rae, “Gentlemen, a fine evening of athletic achievement.”

I shake both their hands and take my leave. I walk up to the Queen’s Park Flagpole and stare across the city. This place is my solace; however, I usually have my wife, children or dog in tow. This loneliness is starting to cripple my soul.

The camaraderie of my band of brothers is essential; however, it does not fill the current void. I reminisce on my children’s laughter, Emelia’s smile and Duke’s bark. I shake myself down and push the emptiness to the back of my mind. I recognise I am in the darkest depths of despair and need to snap out of it. Robert Gardner’s intervention was critical ahead of a momentous August for Thompson & French.

The sunsets over our dear green place and the last embers of sunshine fire me up with renewed energy. I stride home with determination, and light the fire in the front room, pour a large malt from my collection, and sit down to read Charles Dicken’s ‘Tale of Two Cities’. I read the first paragraph over and over again.

With one final gulp of whisky, I ponder Glasgow’s newest transportation service, which opens in three weeks. Our job is to make sure everyone knows about it.

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