Chapter 198 – Inaugural Athletics Festival

I find my fellow organisers of the inaugural Queen’s Park Athletics Festival, and we gather in for a briefing on the events ahead of us. Archibald Rae is in command, and he has been managed this with military precision. He hands us a running order for tonight’s events.

“There are two races tonight. Like our football, there are two sections. The first half of the evening is the quarter-mile race, and I have marked out the four hundred and forty yards around the park with flags. One circuit, no shortcuts and a true test of pace and endurance. There are eight participants per heat, four heats and one final.”, said Archibald.

“I will take charge of the one hundred yard dribbling race, and I have already laid out the course and asked the other teams to bring a few extra balls. We will hold this competition in a similar format, and both competitions will complete tonight.”, said Robert Gardner.

Archibald barks the other commands, and I am off to find shepherd tonight’s contestants into their heats. There is no place for mistakes tonight, and everything needs precision to get the games out to the best possible start.

I walk over to a group of four young lads limbering up. The Gareloch boys are here. Time to teach them a lesson.

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