chapter 197 – Rest and Recreation

Robert Gardner and I head to West End Park, spending two hours walking, talking and decompressing. We enjoy a sumptuous dinner in the Western Club in the evening, finished with smoking pipes and whisky. When David Mackintosh arrives to collect me and take me home, the world gently slows to a swirl.

Sunday is a day of rest, with Sunday worship, followed by an afternoon reading a week’s worth of Glasgow Citizen newspapers. The house is quiet, with Agnes, our Housekeeper, working at Glasgow’s Fever House. The Sabbath is not a rest day for the sick, and Agnes has been working there every Sunday, since I spotted the advert in February. We donate her time to help the unfortunate, and through the last five months, I now understand the terrible affliction fever brings.

I return to the Office on Monday with renewed freshness, vigour and motivation. I gather the staff and thank them for their incredible effort and personal sacrifice, “One final push. We will do this.”

The rest stage of Robert’s plan is complete, and the second stage begins. The first Queens Park Athletics Games opens tonight, with the jewels in the crown of the quarter-mile race and one hundred yard dribbling race.

I arrive at the Recreation Ground, rested and ready for the ultimate recreational challenge. Game on.

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