Chapter 196 – Clap Breaches Solace

The last three weeks resembled madness. Work consumed every waking hour: work, work, and work. I look in the long mirror, which reflects coal bags under my eyelids. A veil of lethargy coats my skin, which is impossible to scour off. I am missing my life’s core, Emilia and the children, and although their letters provide comfort, they don’t replace their hugs and warmth. They are the fuel of my fire.

I slip into gentle slumber in my office chair, when there is a loud clap of hands in front of my face.
Robert Gardner stands over me. The great Queens Park goalkeeper hands me a list on a page. “Look at how many people are coming to our Athletics festival.”

Robert’s enthusiasm is extraordinary, a genius tactician and Club Captain. No one has scored a goal against him. “I have the perfect tonic to soothe your ills. The games start on Tuesday.”

I look down at my diary and read Saturday 27th July. “What do you have in mind?”

The Paisley born man prefers action over words, throws me my jacket and heads for the door. “Sometimes in life, it is better not to know your destination.”

We walk onto Hope Street, where summer sun bursts onto my face. This warm feeling starts the refreshment and restoration process immediately.

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