Chapter 195 – Challenge Into Opportunity

“And now there are eleven.”, I said, turning to face Mary, who always makes an entrance.
“I hand-delivered the letters and explained our situation.”, said Mary.

“Thanks. And their reaction?”

“Your biggest clients are reasonable and will wait. Others are disgruntled and are moving to Carey & Fortis.”

Underneath my skin, I could feel my blood boil, and my teeth clamp together in silent rage. I observe the ten faces looking at me. Now is not the time to capitulate. “We must embrace this challenge as an opportunity and make the tramline map our greatest achievement.”

We discuss every inch of work required, and everyone sets to work. Mary and I leave the main floor and go into my office.

Mary walks over to the far wall and reviews the great map.

“There are some things in life, which are secret,” I said laughing, “even from you.”

Mary stands five feet and eight inches tall, slim build with long straight red hair, and always dresses immaculately. She peers over her half-mooned spectacles and grins, “I always work things out.”

“Not that one.”, I said and rolled out the latest draft of the map.

We work long into the night. Eventually, we leave, and as I lock the office, twelve bells ring out from the church clock. A new day has begun.

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